Tanktransport liquid food


Quality and controlled growth are essential to Felix Troll Transport. This requires continual investment on extensions and optimisation of capacity and facilities, such as an ultra modern cleaning, garage and materials, with quality and flexibility creating resolutions. Added to this is the importance of direct communication with customers and drivers trough GSM, on-board computers and Internet.


The diversity of products to be transported requires a specific solution and a varied fleet.

  • Special tipping tanktrailers to prevent possible residue with liquids of a high viscosity.
  • Heated tanks with variable temperature adjustment, if needed for each compartment, adjustable, and if necessary with a pump that allows unloading of thick products without problems.
  • Every tanktrailer and container is equipped with a micro filter and some also have sterile filters.
  • Tank containers for unaccompanied (multimodal) transport or for conditioned temporary storage.
  • All lorries are equipped with a compressor and in the cabin a GSM telephone connected with a on-board computer.

Organised in Austria we transport your product to the Benelux-countries, Germany, France, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Great-Britain, Northern Italy, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungry, Croatia and Slovenia. Other destinations are in development and can always be considered. It is important that Felix Troll Transport delivers your products in a carefull, flexible and fast way, on time to the required destination.

Through this we have to uphold a reliable name for now and in the future.