Transport of sweeteners

Sweeteners are an important ingredient in the food industry. Glucose and fructose are indispensable ingredients in many of the sweet products we eat and drink every day, such as biscuits, confectionery and cakes. Transporting these liquid sweeteners safely and professionally is vital. At Felix Troll Transport we specialise in the tank transport of sweeteners throughout Europe.  Our team ensures that your liquid sweeteners are transported safely and competently.

Markus Delago
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Markus Delago

Safe and temperature controlled transport of sweeteners

To safeguard their quality, sweeteners must be transported below a specific temperature. Our dedicated tank trailers and tank containers can be heated to ensure that sweeteners are transported at precisely the right temperature. Our insulated tank trailers always maintain the optimal temperature for sweeteners.

Reliable tank transport with a state-of-the-art fleet


At Felix Troll Transport we provide liquid bulk transport using modern trucks and tank trailers. Our experienced employees are certified in compliance with the highest safety and quality standards and drive an up-to-date fleet. This enables us to guarantee the highest standards of food safe transport.


Thanks to our extensive transport network, we can serve any destination in Europe. We also offer intermodal transport solutions. Our strength is our in-depth expertise and years of experience in the sector. This gives you the assurance of efficient and reliable liquid bulk transport.

Certified transport of sweeteners

Strict regulations apply to the transport of sweeteners. You can rely on us to transport your products with the utmost care, attention and expertise. 

Our vehicles are cleaned exclusively in HACCP and EFTCO certified cleaning stations. The various certification we hold demonstrates our commitment to quality:

24/ 7 insight into the location of your product

As a producer, you can rely on us to load at the agreed times. As a customer, you need to depend on the timely delivery of your shipment of sweeteners. To provide those guarantees, we monitor our trailers in real time. 


This enables us to accurately inform you about the expected arrival time of a trailer and notify you if there are any unexpected changes. You can also follow the load real-time (track and trace) via your Transport Management System, so you are always aware of the current status of your shipment.

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