Sustainable logistics

Doing business with respect for the environment

Reducing our impact on the environment and the immediate surroundings is a constant priority at Troll. We invest in state-of-the-art equipment, train our drivers to drive economically and invest in energy-efficient measures with the aim of reducing our CO2footprint.

Maximum loading volume, minimum CO2 emissions

We carry out tank transport as efficiently as possible. Our planning and trading department makes every effort to avoid empty runs. Our goal is to optimise the loading capacity of the vehicle and minimise the number of empty kilometres. This lowers logistics costs and reduces the burden on the environment. Fewer empty kilometres also means lower CO2emissions per ton of transported product.

Intermodal transport

We can transport Liquid Food by road, water or rail. With us you can choose every possible modality. We can translate your liquid Food needs into a flexible and appropriate modality for you. We have a large number of tank containers for foodstuffs only.

Our Liquid food containers are:

  • well isolated
  • heated
  • provided with protected outlets: sealable, safety equipment.

With our excellent intermodal network, we serve the following countries: Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, England, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Finland. Other destinations are in development. For your intermodal liquid food transport with Felix Troll Transport at the right place!


Drivers trained in eco-driving

A driver's style of driving has major implications on fuel consumption. Our drivers are trained in ‘New Driving’ where they are given tips and tools to help them drive more fuel efficiently. This will contributes to reducing fuel consumption and CO2emissions. 

Eco-driving doesn't stop after the training course. The driving behaviour is actively monitored. Where necessary, drivers are supervised to help improve their driving style. 

Curious about how we can transport your liquid food sustainably?

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Eric Goverde
Eric Goverde
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Klaas Wezeman