1947: Establishment

As Europe's economy was devastated, Felix Troll fighter pilot in World War II founded the Troll Transport. His first car was built in two years' work of a wreck accident.

He is the pioneer of liquid food transport in Europe. Originally wooden barrels were his means of transport - today there are modern multi-chamber tank, heated, isolated, equipped with the onboard pump installations. He led his company up to be a european player in the liquid food transport.
1 September 2007: Restructuring
The 60-year anniversary of the transport company Felix Troll Transport GmbH the course for the future are made. Felix Troll transport includes a joint venture with the international transport companies Wemmers in Holland. This increases the company launched a European player and the location of Tirol in a sustainable manner.
Through the joint venture, the company has grown to a fleet of more than 320 suitable for the transport of liquid food trailer units!
 2008: Start with EURO 5 truck´s
2009 until 2013:
In this years we always invest in new technology and safety.
Start with EURO 6 truck´s.
Felix Troll Transport GmbH has been developed into a reliable partner for the transportation of liquid goods. The requirements in the area of quality are increasing every year, so our company is certificated according to ISO-22000.
1.1.2014: New location
With first january 2014 our location changed. We got a new, modern office in the city of Imst.
April 2014: Invest in an new business area and environment
Felix Troll Transport GmbH invest in 40 new Container for intermodal transports.
2015: Invest in new tank technology