Felix Troll Transport receives ISO 22000 certificate

Sep 2013

Felix Troll Transport GmbH has been developed into a reliable partner for the transportation of liquid goods. The requirements in the area of quality are increasing every year, so our company iss certificated according to ISO-22000.

So we can guarantee the highest safety and quality standards of our customers.

What is ISO 22000

ISO 22000 was developed as a management system designed specifically for the food safety.
The ISO 22000 is based on ISO 9001 and supplemented this with regard to HACCP (food safety).
This extended ISO is composed of the basic rules of hygiene, HACCP standards and an effective management system is based on ISO 9001. 

ISO 22000 includes all the requirements for a management system for food safety, also the transport is included.

Further, the ISO 22000 is internationally recognized, very important for our international business course.